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Highly effective onsite treatment

Above ground bioreactors turbo charge nutrient removal from wastewater

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Case Study: Cave Spring Cellars

First certified sustainable winery in Ontario, Canada

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Case Study: Sweet success treating wastewater at a confectionery company

A multinational confectionery company needed to reduce COD to reduce discharge fees.

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Technical Report: Project overview of a high sugar wastewater treatment plant

Reports, PFD & treatment results.

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Case Study: Treating brewery wastewater onsite

A craft brewery in North American uses BioGill technology to improve onsite wastewater treatment. 

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BioGill Technology Comparison

Overview of how BioGill compares to other technologies treating F&B wastewater onsite.

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BLOOM Canada. Driving Adoption of Innovative Solutions

Demonstrating the challenges & benefits of onsite wastewater management.

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